3 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan Motors


Motors convert electrical energy into mechanical vitality. Engine is an imperative piece of electrical field. Electric engines are utilized in the assembling procedure of almost every possible item that is delivered in cutting edge manufacturing plants. Due to the unlimited uses for electric engines, it is not hard to envision that there are more than 700 million engines of different sizes in operation over the world. In this blog post, we will review 3 motors that are used in various bathroom exhaust fans.

PACKARD 3.3 Inch Diameter Vent Fan Motor Direct Replacement for Nutone/Broan

Packard bathroom fan motorPackard is well known company for its automobiles. It manufactures powerful high quality motors/engines and supplies replacement motors for Nutone and Broan.

This is a Packard motor which has a 3.3 inch diameter for ventilating fans. It has pole structure with open cage and bearing sleeves. It is completely automatic and works 60 Hz per second. This amazing motor works on single phase and weighs 1.9 pounds. This motor can be easily replaced by Broan and Nutone.

The installation dimensions of this phase are 6.7 x 4.1 x 4 inches. It has a shaft with ¼ *1.1 inches dimensions. The length of this motor shaft is 1.9 inches. This fan does not have blades.

It has CCWE rotation. This motor consumes 120 volts. The amperage capacity of this motor is 1.2A. It has 1/50 H.P and 1550 RPM speed. This replacement motor is sold by Supply Edge and brought from Amazon. It’s a very price friendly product which costs around 22.10 dollars.

This motor meets all ASIN specifications. No wonders, it is at number 7 in best selling electrical motors.

Century Electric Motors C01575 Universal Bathroom Fan Replacement Electric Motor Kit with Fan, 120 volts

Century manufactures specifically unique hardware and substitution engines to HVAC and pool/pump merchants. This fan pack is manufactured to supplant most repair activities. It has 5/8 Coil stack. This C01575 motor is designed for continuous operations. This kit contains one motor and one 4.5 paddle style fan. This motor will compensate most engines in Nutone, Fasco, Broan, Dayton and numerous different units.

This is an automatically reversible motor. It has a shipped CCW shaft end. The shaft has 3/16*1.8 inch dimensions with 6 inches long wire. It has 2 hook plugs and 1.9 inch mounting post. It also has half an inch coil sheaf which allows non stop performance and it is specially designed for ventilating fans to allow air stream flow.

This motor meets all ASIN specifications as it has CCWE rotation. This motor consumes 120 volts. The amperage capacity of this motor is 0.65A. It has 3000 RPM speed. This replacement motor is sold by Professional Grade Products and bought from Amazon. It’s a very price friendly product which costs 12.49 dollars. Undoubtedly, a number one selling motor for commercial and household usage.

BROAN NUTONE 23405SER Exhaust Fan Replacement Motor

 BROAN NUTONE 23405SER Exhaust Fan Replacement Motor Century is a main provider of electric engines for private, business, and mechanical applications. It offers a far reaching line of hermetic engines (utilized as a part of cooling compressors), partial pull A/C and D/C engines, and indispensable drive engines. They manufacture specifically unique hardware and substitution engines to HVAC and pool/pump merchants.

This Century 23405SER is a replacement motor for Broan and Nutone exhaust fans. It weighs 2.1 pounds. The product dimensions of this motor are 7 x 3.8 x 3.4 inches. It doesn’t have a draw chain. There are wires for connecting it to a divider switch. It does not have a lower which is why is louder than other motors. There are four screw gaps on the engine body, through which you can introduce the engine to the roof. One side of the pole is level and the blade is made to fit the pole.

This fan specifies all ASIN requirements. It is sold by Coastal Concepts and brought from Amazon. The fan swap engine for the washroom fumes fan is a drop in fit and function n admirably. Its establishment is not at all troublesome and has a budget friendly replacement because of its low price and effective functionality.

Moreover, it is also very easy to assemble and comes with a complete set of guidelines about how to arrange its parts in the right order. Even a layman can assemble it easily.

One of the best things about Century 23405SER motor is that it is not restricted to just one type of fan models. You can easily get it assembled with other models of NuTone/Broan fans which include MH8661N, 8833, 8662NL and many more. The average weight of this product is approximately 1.9 pounds thus making it easy to carry and assemble accordingly. Product dimensions vary from 9.2x13x4.0 inches.

The Century 23405SER comes with a genuine warranty card that can be claimed for any kind of damage or non-functionality, however, the chances are pretty rare. The model of this motor can be upgraded to the latest one at any time without going through any hassle of returning it back to the manufacturer and then waiting for the new one to arrive.

When it comes to repairing any replacement bathroom fan motor; the chances are that you might not find the spare parts for the same conveniently. This does not happen with Boran Nutone 23405SER motor.

The spare parts are readily available in the market and can even be purchased online. This motor can be easily installed and comes with a step to step guideline manual. The blower wheel on the unit which is circular in shape has been tightly locked with a set bolt. Since noisy exhaust fans are a big No in bathrooms; this replacement motor is a great tool to ensure seamless and silent yet effective functionality thus helping the bathroom get rid of that dampening effect of moisture.

The size of this motor is not that big which makes it a ready choice to install in any bathroom exhaust fan. The standard dimensions of this product vary from 9.2×9.5×6.5 inches and the average weight of this product is not more than 1 pound. An ideal choice for sure!



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