Broan SPK110 110-CFM 1.0-Sones Sensonic Speaker Fan

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4.7/5 on January 6, 2017

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Broan is known in the market for it’s good quality bath fans. If you are a music fan, then you should give this Broan SPK110 110 a try. It is a versatile fan. This fan can perform more than one job at a time. Not only will it eliminate the humid air, but it will also play music. Isn’t that amazing? Broan have put this function in the fan without any flaw so that whoever purchases the fan isn’t let down.

Product Specifications:

The first main and important thing about this fan is that it elimintaes 110 Cubic feet metre per minute at only 1.0 sones! This means that the fan is hardly noisy. You will not be barged in on your work. The speakers that are in this fan are of high quality. They are durable and the sound will be loud and clear, no stoppages and difficulties.

All you have to do is connect your phone with the fan via bluetooth and you will have full access to the songs you want to play. Connecting the pjjne and speakers is an easy job as well and will not leave you thinking. The fan is very effective and you will have no problem with it. Also, it works very fast and will also odor the room with a good scent.

This fan will make the atmosphere in the room refreshing, pure and clean. Even if you need the fan to work continuously, it will without stopping and will perform it’s job in the best way possible. The fan weighs 11 pounds and does not require any batteries.

The fan comes in the colour white. It has a very stylish design and will not look boring in the room. The fan has a three year warranty.

Pros and Cons:

This fan is a versatile product and can be used as a source of entertainment since it can play music. It is not a disappointing product. The fan works without stopping and it is very durable as well. The fan has a very loud speaker and you will be able to hear the voice in the whole house. Also, the speakers and the fan does not cover alot of space. The fan is easy to install and run.

It has no complexties. On the other hand, one complaint the buyers have regarding the fan is that the speakers only work when the fan is on. The buyers have no other complaints.

Why should you buy it?

The fan has alot of advantages and functions. It will faciliate you in numerous ways. It will also save you energy since Broan fans are known for their energy conservation facility. The fan is quite and also works efficiently. It is durable since it doesn’t have any metal body. The plastic the fan is made of makes is very durable.

Final Verdict:

The product is competent and decent. It will give you the experience of a lifetime and will satisfy you in every way possible!

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