Panasonic FV-08VQ5 Whisper Ceiling 80 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan

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4.7/5 on January 6, 2017

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Panasonic is a very well liked company, due to the high quality products produce in variety of industries. It is very famous for a number of things, mostly for its TV sets and audio equipment. However, Panasonic also produces very brilliant ventilating fans. These fans are in high quality and they are of affordable price as well. These fans are versatile and durable. One of it’s great fan is Panasonic FV–08VQ5 WhisperCeiling. It has been rated highly by many and will open the door for the buyers in every way possible.

Product Specifications:

This Panasonic has the air flow capacity of 80 cfm. The fan is of white color. It makes very little noise of 0.3 sones. The fan has a beautiful physical appearance. It comes in white color. The motor of the fan also has a thermal cutoff fuse. This makes the work of the fan more fast and efficient.

The grille of the fan is attached tightly with torison springs. This way, the grille of the fan is tighly packed and joined with the rest of the fan’s body. The fan has four poles that tightly closed together. The motor is condenser and it is very suitable for continuous functioning.

The fan works so silently that you will not even feel like the fan is operating. The fan weighs one pound. Installation of the fan is very easy. You will not have to put much effort and it will consume less time as well.

The fan is quite affordable and it works very fast as well. The ventilating capacity of the fan is considerably good as well. The fan works swiftly, efficiently and smoothly. The fan is very durable. So, it will not malfunction easily.

Pros and Cons:

The fan has a number of advantages. Assembling it is easy and operating is not a hard job at all. The fan is a long term investment since it does not stop functioning that early and easily. The fan has a good ventilating capacity. It also has a good physical appearance. The fan is also quite suitable for continuous working. The fan will work smoothly even if has been functioning for the whole day.

However, one thing that the buyers complaint about is that it can only be installed on the ceiling. Except for that, there are complaints from the buyers.

Why should you buy it?

The product has alot of advantages and you will be fully satisfied with the purchase. The fan works without stopping, it is durable, reliable and it has a good appearance as well. What else do you need?

It will provide you with every possible facility and advantage it can. You will surely not be dissatisfied with the purchase.

Final Verdict:

This Panasonic ventilating fans is a competent and well made product. It is reliable and you will love your purchase. Panasonic FV-08VQ5 fan is a good home improvement solution and you will surely love it.

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