Panasonic FV-15VQ5 Whisper Ceiling 150 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan

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4.9/5 on January 6, 2017

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2,259 reviews


The Panasonic FV-15VQ5 Whisper Ceiling Fan has a CFM of about 150 and a customer rating of four point seven out of total five stars. This fan is famous for its quite sound. Usually, the fans make a lot of disturbing noises and sounds. This fan is safe from all that, it won’t make any disturbing noises and make you un easy and un comfortable. It has a ‘’convincing’’ ventilating system.

The paint treatment is done in order to prevent rusting. The performance is also said to be superior and it consists of thermal fuse protection so you do not have to worry about short circuiting or problems like that.

Product Specifications:

The product weighs for about thirteen pounds. The fan is manufactured basically in the colour ‘’red’’. Which is a favourite of many people. It is originally made in China. The material of this fan is ‘’metal’’. It consists of a CFM of about one fifty. The voltage that this needs to operate on is one twenty volts. This product does not require any kind of batteries to operate it and so, neither are the batteries included in the package.

The motor is a ‘’condensor’’ one. The blower is bladed and in a ‘’doplin’’ shape. The shape and the blower enable the fan to work in a very low volume. While, the fan was being designed, the operations and the warranty of the fan was especially kept into consideration. The condensor motors, facilitate the fan to even work on low temperatures. There is also a damper included in the fan. The damper helps in preventing the external air from entering into the fan. This also shows an increase in the life or warranty of the fan. The warranty of the fan is measured to be about ‘’three’’ years. It moves great amount of air.

Pros and Cons:

The material used on the FV-15VQ5 is an excellent one. It makes the whole product feel solid and perform efficiently. The customers who bought it and reviewed it have said that the fan and other different fans have a huge difference. The fan is ‘’solid’’. It is said to be as quiet as a whisper. Peole say that it is worth every single penny that you pay for it and you would not ever regret your purchase. The fan is extremely efficient and works smoothly. The customers have also said that the price of this fan as compared to its quality is nothing.

However, some customers have reported that a problem that they have faced with this is the fogging up due to steam on mirrors while they take a bath. It fails to remove the steam. And that is not upto their expectations.

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for a product that is not that noisy and works really well, gives out a lot of air and works efficiently, then you definitely need to give this product a try. It is cheap and you might be proud of yourself for buying this thing.

Final Verdict

Panasonic FV-15VQ5 works quite well, when compared to some other high end models. It isn’t noisy. Has a good customer ratings. Is all that you might expect. But there are just some slight negatives, such as steam built up. Otherwise, it’s well worth the money.

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